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Law Firm SEO Tips: Content Marketing

What Is Law Firm SEO? How Can it Grow Your Bottom Line? Content marketing – producing and distributing blog posts, videos and other types of media to acquire customers – isn’t just for big companies. Even if your law firm is just you and a computer, content marketing can provide you with a valuable tool to generate trust and interest among potential clients. The key to good content marketing is providing your potential customers with something of value, even before they become your clients. Gi

The Best Financing For Buying a Gas Station Franchise

Buying a Gas Station Franchise: Where to Find the Best Financing Gas station franchises are attractive businesses for many small business entrepreneurs: Gas is a high demand product, which means a steady stream of customers. And, while gas doesn’t have a high margin, gas station convenience stores, car washes, and other additions provide a chance to increase profitability from non-gas sales. If you’ve already decided that buying a gas station franchise is your next opportunity, you need to be

Predatory Lending: How Do I Know if My Small Business Loan Officer is Legitimate?

Predatory lenders are easy to spot if you know these 4 red flags Predatory lending is a growing problem for small businesses. Whenever a lender is looking to protect their needs over the needs of their customers, they are engaging in predatory practices. Many companies take advantage of first-time business owners, women business owners, and minority business owners, who may be less familiar with entrepreneurship. Some laws allow companies to engage in predatory lending with little penalty. Pre

Improve Your Gas Station Profits With Employee Retention Programs

How to find and finance employee retention programs that are especially designed for gas stations and convenience stores Employee retention and turnover are big issues for gas stations and convenience stores. Cashier jobs usually involve standing for long hours, dealing with consumer complaints, and low wages to boot. These factors may lead to employee dissatisfaction, and unsatisfied employees are hard to keep – and keep happy. The good news is that there are many options for both getting an

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Hospice & Palliative Care Services | For Health Care Professionals | VNSNY

For a broad spectrum of patients with advanced illnesses, VNSNY Hospice and Palliative Care is committed to providing the right care at the right time in the right setting to meet each patient’s goals and improve their quality of life. Multiple studies have shown that hospice and palliative care programs can significantly improve patients’ physical and psychological symptoms.1 In fact, many patients and families who have benefited from hospice care report that they wish they had received it soo

VNSNY’s Cardiac Hospice Program Charts Impressive Progress | Patient Care at Home

At 92, Pearl* is a prime example of how VNSNY’s cardiac hospice program gives patients a priceless quality of life, even in their final days. A resident of Manhattan’s Upper East Side, Pearl recently had two valve replacement surgeries and lives at home, having learned to keep her heart failure symptoms in check. “She’s the kind of woman who’s made friends with the gardeners in Central Park,” says her VNSNY Hospice nurse, Katarina (Katie) De Hoog. “Her doormen told me all they need to have a goo

VNSNY’s COPD Hospice Program Aims to Improve Quality of Life and Reduce Hospitalizations

Since he entered VNSNY Hospice care for his chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), retired architect Wallace Berger, age 93, has not had to visit the hospital once—a fact that his wife, Merle, credits to “the attentive care of VNSNY and his physician.” To help ensure that patients like Mr. Berger are able to live comfortably at home, VNSNY Hospice has ramped up its COPD protocols, implementing new training and treatment guidelines aimed at improving hospice clinicians’ ability to manage t